Hospital chiefs call on Hackney residents to help them improve

Staff urge people to fill in questionnaire

HOMERTON Hospital want to know more about what they are doing right and where they need to improve.

The hospital is urging patients who receive a national patients’ survey request in the post, to fill in their survey forms and send them back.

Each year the national survey is used by the hospital as an important guide, giving a steer on issues such as the standard of food, cleanliness, patient information, and how patients feel they are being communicated to by staff.

Chief Nurse Charlie Sheldon said: “The survey is a very helpful guide to what our strengths are and what we need to focus on to improve patients’ experiences during their stay in hospital.

“Unfortunately, in recent years, only a relatively small number of our patients who were contacted actually responded to the survey. Last year we only saw a 36 per cent response rate.

“We are keen to know more from our patients about whether or not we are getting our services right all the time.

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“We urge those patients who get this year’s survey to fill them in and send them back. This will help us to get better and improve the experience for all patients in future.”