Call for spare rooms and properties to help homeless people off the streets

A spare room in London.

Hackney residents and private landlords are being asked to let their spare rooms and apartments to people experiencing homelessness. - Credit: Margaret Chant

Residents and private landlords are being asked to help out with a new initiative linking up homeless people with spare rooms and apartments in the borough. 

Social housing provider Riverside has teamed up with Hackney Council to find accommodation for people experiencing homelessness, and are looking for suitable properties and rooms that can be rented out.

Sandra Thompson, Riverside’s area manager who is leading the initiative, said: “It is really difficult to find suitable accommodation in the borough. However there may be someone with a spare room that could be rented out which will provide them with extra income."

Riverside’s Area Manager Sandra Thompson.

Riverside’s Area Manager Sandra Thompson. - Credit: Riverside

Sandra encourages people who have never been a landlord before to get involved, as Riverside helps "take the hassle out of being a private landlord" by sorting out the tenant's benefit payments and any rent issues. 

Contact the Riverside team to learn more by emailing