How to create your own rose garden

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If you take good care of your roses, you can enjoy them for years to come. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The rose is a beautiful flower and, without any doubt, it is the “queen of flowers.” By properly planting roses and taking the necessary care of them, you can enjoy the beauty of these flowers for many years. You just need to learn how to comply with some simple rules for the cultivation of this beautiful plant.

How to plant roses

There is a wide range of species that can make your garden amazing. A big variety of rose garden flowers can be found on platform. The most important condition for the abundant flowering of the bush is the planting place. Roses should be planted in well-lit places that are reliably protected from cold winds. The best location is the southern or southeastern side of your garden because rose enjoys the morning and afternoon sun.

Prepare the soil in advance, i.e. fertilize it with mineral and organic mixtures. Everything is quite simple: you dig spacious holes of up to 1.2 m in depth and half a meter in diameter, fill it with drainage, put a mixture of garden soil and humus on the top, and finish with adding fertilizers.

After choosing a place, follow the below rules:

1. Before planting, carefully examine the roots: cut off all damaged parts to living tissues.

2. Leave the remaining roots but no more than 20 cm.

3. Cut the weak and dried shoots on the bush, leaving only strong ones with six buds.

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4. The planting hole for the rose should be wide and deep so that the roots of the bush after planting are spacious.

5. Put a layer of soil on the top.

6. Tamp the soil around the bush and water it abundantly.

7. Cover the seedlings with a fabric.

How to Care for Roses

Caring for roses consists of loosening the soil, weeding, fertilising, watering, fighting diseases and pests, pruning and shaping a bush. For roses to develop normally and bloom profusely, they need to be fertilized. The first feeding should be done in the spring when the buds appear, the second - in the middle of summer for abundant flowering.

Today, many fertilizing complexes have been created, so choosing the right fertilizer is not difficult. Do not “overfeed” the rose bushes with a large dose of fertilizer, otherwise, the plant’s reaction will be unpredictable: from growing green mass to stopping flowering. Do not forget to add some rotted compost under the bushes two or three years after the planting in early spring. Roses should be watered abundantly once a week, preferably in the early morning or evening.

Rose is a very fragrant flower. If your rose garden is filled with noble bushes, you will constantly admire the continuous flowering, make wonderful bouquets of miniature species and enjoy the scent of the most beautiful flowers on the Earth.

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