Hoxton estate households told to shower at Britannia Leisure Centre due to 45C oily water coming out of cold taps

The warm oily water coming out of the bathroom taps. Picture: Supplied

The warm oily water coming out of the bathroom taps. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Dozens of households on a Hoxton estate are being asked to shower at the nearby Britannia Leisure Centre because 45C oily water is coming out of their cold taps.

The bizarre problem in Cropley Court on the Wenlock Barn Estate began 11 days ago when the hot dirty water first appeared from the bathroom taps.

Workers from the Wenlock Barn Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) and Hackney Council have since been trying to figure out where it's coming from, and now believe it was a problem with a shower installation at one, so far unidentified, property on the estate.

Staff have been knocking on the doors of every flat trying to find the source.

On Friday they disconnected the water tanks altogether in the hope of containing the issue, but alarmingly this had no effect on the unexplained jets of warm, filthy water delivered by people's cold taps.

The same day, the TMO sent a letter to households saying: "As an emergency measure, we have made arrangements for residents to use Britannia to take a daily shower.

"A list containing all residents in block 133-196 have been sent to the manager, who has promised to allocate membership cards to residents to allow them to use the shower facilities."

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"If I want to go to the Britannia it's to do some exercise," said Jay Upson. "I've got no interest in going there [for a shower]. "I've been going to a friend's house for a bath."

Incidentally, the council has earmarked the Britannia, nearly half a mile from the affected block, for demolition because of its decrepit overall state.

To make matters even more confusing, the households had been told until today that the water in their kitchen taps was fine. Now, however, they've been sent another letter inviting them to collect drinking water from the office, something they didn't realise they needed.

"We thought we had drinking water," Jay added. "I've just got this letter now having been sick with stomach problems last week." The water in the kitchen taps was not hot or oily.

Another tenant, who asked not to be named, added: "There are five disabled people in this block. Everyone is very frustrated and angry. I suffer from anxiety so I'm not going to the Britannia. I think a couple of people have but I've been boiling water and putting it in the bath."

The council and the TMO have been approached for comment.

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