Hoxton residents upset about not being consulted about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver - Credit: Archant

A global food day that was the brain child of chef Jamie Oliver has caused angry waves among Hoxton residents.

Residents were upset that they were not consulted about the all-day event outside Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen in Westland Place, Hoxton last Friday which apparently finished around 10pm.

Moreover, it was claimed only some residents received a leaflet letting them know that the event was taking place just over a week before.

John Savile, 85, who lived near Westland Place said: “I’m angry that they have closed the road four times within the last year to promote Jamie Oliver. The events are very noisy.

“They stuck A4 notices on the lamp-posts nine days before the event took place. They did not do a consultation. They did not discuss it.

“I’m upset this man is taking advantage of local people for personal benefit.”

Sharon Crocombe, 38, of Britannia Walk, said: “I have an 11-year-old daughter who’s going through SAT exams. I had to take her somewhere else to study. They didn’t consult us at all. The first time we heard about it was just over a week before it happened. If they had spoken to us, we could have come up with a compromise but we feel we have been let down with what Jamie Oliver represents.

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“He is supposed to be about the community. This number of events in a year is hard and the only reason he got away with doing this one is because he hoodwinked the council into doing this as a market.

“The last time they did an event was Christmas where he held a two-day event. It was a closed event and you had to be invited. After we complained, they said they sent 7,000 leaflets but we did not know until the actual event.

Residents also claimed that the event was advertised two days before organisers got permission from Hackney Council.

Mr Savile added: “The notice to shut the road was there last Wednesday (May 8), two days before they got official permission.”

A Hackney Council spokeswoman confirmed that the council only gave permission for the event a week before the event.

A spokesman for Jamie Oliver refused to comment but said the council had been aware of the event “ages ago”.

According to organisers, around 5,000 people attended the Food Revolution Day, which set up by Jamie Oliver to celebrate communities sharing cooking skills and focusing on healthy eating.