Human rights campaigner to visit Hackney

A human rights dissident - nicknamed Eagle Strong Voice by a Canadian tribal elder whose rights he campaigns for – will visit Hackney this Sunday (February 27)

Reverend Kevin Annett will talk about his 20 year campaign to bring to justice the churches and government, who were responsible for the genocide of Canadian Indian children.

The former minister of the United Church of Canada has waged a singlehanded campaign for justice for indigenous people, following his revelations of what he terms “The Canadian Genocide” - perpetrated by the three major church organisations in 141 “residential schools” with the complicity of the Canadian government for 140 years.

His visit to Hackney marks the beginning of his international tour, promoting his book, Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor.

He also aims to highlight the abuse and trafficking of children practiced by church and state around the globe and is inviting local people to support the new London-based International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

Reverend Annett will be at Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond Rd from noon to 3pm and then the Round Chapel in Powerscroft Road from 7pm to 9pm.