Improved Hoxton Square open to public

A new and improved Hoxton Square has been reopened to the public after undergoing work suggested by the park’s visitors and nearby residents.

The square now boasts new flowers, shrubs and an improved lawn, more seating, a new path, and the drinking fountain has been restored. Bat and bird boxes have been installed to encourage wildlife to set up home there.

The improvements were carried out as part of Hackney Council’s investment in parks and green spaces, following a consultation to see what visitors would like to see in the square.

Cabinet member for health, social care and culture, Cllr Jonathan McShane, went to see the improvements with a group of children from St Monica’s Primary School, Hoxton Square.

He said: “Hackney has some wonderful parks and green spaces that are very popular with residents and visitors.

“We know how important they are, which is why the council is investing in and improving areas like Hoxton Square so that we maintain the high standards we have come to expect from Hackney’s parks.”