Independent report into London Fields quietway is published

Campaigners protesting against the quietway

Campaigners protesting against the quietway - Credit: Archant

Campaigners opposing a quietway in London Fields say displaced traffic in one section of the proposed area alone would see a 22 per cent rise in vehicles in Queensbridge Road.

A report by the Traffic, Transport and Highways Consultancy was commissioned by the residents’ associations from Albion Square, Mapledene Area, Albion Drive and the Morland Estate to assess the impact of “Option 1” of the plans.

The report models just the area in the north-west part of the affected road closure area – from Queensbridge Road east across to Lansdowne Drive and from Richmond Road south down to Shrubland Road.

This is the area Hackney Council has completed traffic counts in.

The report, seen by the Gazette, finds Queensbridge Road would see 22pc more traffic and Richmond Road would see up to 49pc more – or be displaced southward to Whiston Road.

It states: “Option 1 would increase traffic flows on unrestricted routes, with a consequent increase in air pollution in the vicinity of local schools.”

Campaigner Robert Kelsey told the Gazette: “We think it is fair and accurate and it includes an 11pc reduction for traffic ‘evaporation’ (the median figure cited in most studies). Any real improvement in the area from Hackney’s scheme relies on huge traffic evaporation.

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“The cycle campaigners are keen to promote the idea that people simply give up using cars and walk and cycle - but local car use is very low and would have little impact. Through traffic will have to find another route and the nearest roads are Richmond and Queensbridge.”

The report will now be presented to Hackney Council.