Inside Lane: Reaction to draw at West Brom shows Spurs fans trust Pochettino

Tottenham blogger James Harris felt there was an encouragingly measured response from Spurs’ supporters on social media after Saturday’s 1-1 draw against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns.

The finger pointing. The angry hash tagging. The venomous forum disputes. Where’s it gone? We’re not used to this; it feels wrong.

A drab 1-1 draw away to West Bromwich Albion and we’re not greeted by the usual ‘end is nigh’ overreaction, but instead a strange and foreign calm.

The reactionary, pessimistic attitudes are far from completely eradicated of course. Every fan-base will have that brand of supporter and, at a club where expectation often exceeds reality, it is understandable that we have many who feel angered when the team disappoints.

After a build-up of momentum, and opportunities arising from the failures of the teams around us, it was easy to get ahead of ourselves at the weekend.

There is no shame in being disappointed, though – we have aspirations to have a highly successful season and part of following a club is feeling the pain of every point dropped.

Some, often those who have been exposed to more false dawns than they can count in their years supporting Tottenham, provided the obligatory doomsday reaction – ‘too many draws, we’ve already blown our chance’ was the gist.

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However, while it may depend on which message boards you visit or who you follow on social media, it seemed that the ‘glass half-empty’ rhetoric was far quieter than in recent years.

Instead, a calmer, more content and optimistic attitude seemed to be adopted by most of our fans. We would have loved to win, of course, but a point at The Hawthorns is far from a disaster.

For a start, it is not as easy a place to go as some might assume – look at how the lot from down the road did just a fortnight ago. This is an even more valuable point considering the difficult conditions that quite possibly played into the home side’s hands. Although not an excuse, Mauricio Pochettino admitted it may have been an issue for his side.

Most importantly, though, we didn’t lose. Again. Fourteen straight league games without a loss is unheard of at White Hart Lane, particularly for myself and the rest of the younger generation. If we’re not winning, at least we’re not losing - that is testament to Pochettino, his staff and the whole team.

Pochettino has not only built a solid team with a game plan, but also a trust which is even harder to achieve.

Every member of the squad has embraced the high-energy pressing that the Argentine demands and fully believe in what they’re doing. Even more so, the fans have faith in the manager’s vision and now look further than just the last performance.

Pochettino has gifted us with a previously unseen shared perspective and patience. What a wonderful feeling.

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