Inside Lane: Why Spurs should aim to be in the Europa League again next season

Tottenham blogger Sarah Bassett says there is little guarantee that a season without European football would push Spurs into the Champions League spots next campaign, and she feels the club should take every chance to win silverware.

At this point in the season most teams can look back and say that they have performed significantly better at home or away – so with us left facing two home and four away fixtures, you would think there would be a definitive view whether this is beneficial for us or not.

I initially felt relieved. Is this something to do with our last home display? Perhaps. But I was surprised to find we are averaging more points at home. In fact, we have lost three and drawn one of our last five away games and won just two on the road in all competitions in 2015.

We currently stand at 54 points and our chase for Champions League football is now a futile aspiration.

In 2010 we came fourth with 70 points and, although fourth place is still mathematically achievable, it is very unlikely when you consider our current form and our competition.

We may well not even make sixth and could wave goodbye to European football altogether, although the seventh-placed team could yet get a spot in the Europa League, depending on what happens in the FA Cup.

I personally prefer the Europa League over no European football but I know many fans think this will detract from our Premier League endeavours.

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There are inescapable statistics regarding poor Premier League performance coming directly after Thursday night football, but what happens if these supporters get their wish? We fail to clinch a Europa League spot and, instead, dedicate 2015/16 to all things domestic, quite possibly just to end up in a Europa League spot next season anyway?

In the European sense, that would be an entire waste of a season, potentially sacrificing a piece of silverware, all for the sake having a bit of a rest in order to embark upon the same journey the following season.

Of course, this is all speculative, born from a particularly dreary commute of mine.

But as fans, we know the magic of European nights at the Lane and I am in no hurry to relinquish them.

The bottom line is we should get stuck in and the best-case scenario now is finishing fifth - so let us achieve it as convincingly as we can.

Whether this summer consists of gearing up for a European tour or not, it will be a chance for Mauricio Pochettino to ready a squad that he will have more say in assembling.

If this happens to be a squad that will play European football next season then I say let us embrace the Europa League because, honestly, with two cups in nearly a quarter of a century, who are we to discriminate against which trophies we want a chance to win?

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