Insight into life of a Holocaust diarist at new Hackney exhibition

A replica of Anne Frank’s bedroom in hiding forms part of a newly-opened exhibition in Hackney.

Called Anne Frank + You, the multimedia show offers a unique insight into the young Jewish girl’s experiences in hiding during the Second World War.

One of the most renowned Nazi Holocaust victims thanks to her diary, Anne Frank’s experiences are still relevant today as her story raises issues of identity and moral choice.

She wrote in her diary: “Who would ever think that so much can go on in the soul of a young girl?”

The exhibition looks at Anne Frank’s writing and its themes of racial hatred, war, nationalism, human rights and the value of democracy and freedom. It puts them in context today through filmed interviews with British teenagers.

Anne Frank Trust director and co-founder, Gillian Walnes, said: “It is very much a young people’s exhibition. When they learn about Anne’s experiences it gives them a sense of perspective about their own lives.

“Here was a teenager just like them living every day of her life in fear. Despite that she still felt she wanted the opportunity to make the world better. She wanted to do so much but she couldn’t because she was killed before she was 16.”

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The exhibition will be at Empire 2, The Bullion Rooms, 117 Wilton Way, E8, until May 3. It is open 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday and 10am-4pm, Saturday and entry is free.

Visit for more information.