“It was chicken that broke my wrist, and it was chicken that helped me heal” says Stoke Newington resident who took on epic Hoxton meat eating challenge

Emma Palmer's Meat Mission

Emma Palmer's Meat Mission - Credit: Archant

Chicken would be the last thing on most people’s minds if they’d broken their wrist falling out of bed reaching for the meaty snack.

But 26-year-old Emma Palmer chose to turn her bad luck into an eating challenge after her favourite restaurant offered her a portion of her best-loved dish of “monkey fingers” every day until her cast was removed – and started a blog documenting her Man Vs Food-style test.

The Stoke Newington resident’s 26-day eating trial, which ended last week, even saw her having to squeeze in a visit to MEATmission, in Hoxton Market, Hoxton, to eat a plate of the battered chicken bites after munching on food all day at a barbecue and before a black tie dinner.

Miss Palmer, of Northwold Road, said: “I had just had my arm put in cast, and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I visited MEATmission with a few of my friends – and got talking to the owner who asked me how long I was in plaster for. When I told him, he said that he would give me a gift that would last until the date it was coming off.

“Ironically, I broke my wrist falling out of bed whilst getting up in the middle of the night to snack on some chicken – so it was essentially chicken that put me in a cast and chicken that has helped me through the healing process.”

“The “chicken challenge” as we started to call it, was a good way for me to focus on something that wasn’t on the long list of things that you can’t do with a broken wrist.

‘‘The staff were always very welcoming and my friends were excellent at taking the time to come and eat with me.

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“My biggest obstacle was time. Managing to fit a visit in every day was sometimes very difficult and a couple of days saw me visiting after a barbecue and even before a black tie dinner.”

Emma wrote about her challenge every day on her blog – entitled Monkey Fingers Vs Broken Fingers – and celebrated the end of her meat mission last Thursday in the company of friends.

She added: “Although I was very pleased to have my cast removed, there were definitely mixed emotions.

“When I had the cast put on, everything that I associated with it was really negative but the challenge really counteracted that.

“Time seemed to pass really quickly and that is thanks to the MEATmission staff, my friends and of course the monkey fingers.

“It’s only been a few days so I think I will give the staff a bit of a break from me but I will definitely be back soon – although, maybe I will stick to burgers for a while.”