Jermain Jackman: Making my album was like raising a child

Jermain Jackman's album is coming out in March.

Jermain Jackman's album is coming out in March. - Credit: Archant

Jermain Jackman has been on an “educational rollercoaster” since April when he won The Voice, pouring his heart and soul into creating his first album.

Jermain Jackman's album cover, which is coming out in March.

Jermain Jackman's album cover, which is coming out in March. - Credit: Archant

Since winning the BBC’s singing talent show the 19-year old from Hackney with an exceptional voice has worked tirelessly to make sure his self-titled debut - which will be released on March 23 - is spot on.

“It’s been amazing, you’ve known me since day one when I was doing charity concerts in churches,” he told the Gazette.

“I’ve been non-stop, spending months putting together the album with amazing people.

“It’s a blessing to be in this position and I’m happy to have produced an album that I’m really proud of.

“People don’t understand albums take a long time, it’s important you take time and take care and make sure you put your heart and soul into an album that represents you and your music.”

Jermain has found it an emotional experience, and has felt vulnerable at times.

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“I wouldn’t say I’m closed, but I don’t like talking about myself very much, and I’ve had to open up that part of my mind and express myself in a song,” he said.

“I’ve never had children but I can imagine how it would be to have a child - you are throwing your heart into the song, it’s a story about you, you are there while it’s growing, and you put it out into the world to be scrutinised.

“Now I have my braces off people say ‘you look 23’ - but I’m only 19 years old and while I haven’t had as much experience as a 50 year old, I have had enough heartbreak and life experience.”

A singer at heart, Jermain has been on a journey discovering how to write lyrics to tell a story, and has penned songs dealing with growing up, love, as well as his mother’s illness in a song called Love Speaks Louder Than Words.

“It’s about us supporting her, not just saying ‘I love you’ for the sake of saying it, but actually showing your love and affection,” said Jermain.

He has found it inspirational to work with world renowned producers and well respected songwriters like Jack Splash, Element, Andrea Martin, Ali Tennant and Michael Angelo who produced Restart with Sam Smith.

Jermain’s mentor on The Voice - Blackeyedpeas rapper – was almost in tears when the results of the public vote were announced in April as seven million viewers tuned in to discover he had won.

Jermain was dubbed “the singing politician” by legendary crooner and judge Tom Jones, and still makes sure any spare time he has is devoted to politics and young people.