Jewish Community Council share anti-semitism concerns with Met

Simon Byrne is welcomed to Stamford Hill by the JCC.

Simon Byrne is welcomed to Stamford Hill by the JCC. - Credit: Archant

Orthodox Jewish leaders welcomed Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Simon Byrne to Stamford Hill as they expressed their concerns about growing anti-Semitism and under-reporting of crime in their community.

The visit was organized by the Jewish Community Council (JCC) organization, a group of young and old prominent leaders who are trying to give the community “a strong voice in central government”.

The delegation first met with the commissioner at the home of Rabbi Osher Schapiro, before a tour of the Jewish ambulance service Hatzolah headquarters, the historic Bobov Synagogue and Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School in Egerton Road.

A spokesman for JCC said: “The growing concern of Antisemitism was discussed and given strong support by the assistant commissioner, who stressed he will continue working in partnership with our community leaders and the JCC public safety board.

“On the same note the importance of reporting crime was discussed, given that in the Orthodox community people tend not to report crime, as they feel it would not get dealt with - especially if it’s hate crime.

“The commissioner had a great interest in our community and to learn more about the work JCC is doing, he hopes to come back soon with his boss.”