Join Hackney’s home birth support group this Thursday

Two London Fields mums have set up a group to encourage women to give birth in their own homes – and want more mums-to-be to come along.

Abigail Pilcher and Jaimie Persson have set up the Hackney Homebirth Support Group, which they run on the first Thursday of every month at Jaimie’s home off Mare Street.

They were inspired to set up the group after Abigail and her birth partner Jaimie attended a similar one in the neighbouring borough of Tower Hamlets before the birth of Abigail’s third baby at home seven months ago.

“It was really empowering and gave me that edge to go ahead and do it,” said Abigail.

“It’s a big deal having a baby but it doesn’t have to be interrupted by anything, it can tick along smoothly.

“Is lovely to make the birth a part of the day and cocoon your self at home and go into your own bed with baby and husband afterwards,” she said.

“At home I felt very relaxed, and felt I was able to just do it - I was able to be left and just have my baby.”

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Her birth was supported by midwives from the Homerton Hospital who made sure everything was fine medically.

“We aren’t medics, we’ve just created a place for woman to come and talk about it, and get the confidence that it’s been done before,” added Abigail.

“A lot of women feel it’s a worrying thing, it can concern husbands, mothers, grandmothers - but they can voice their concerns and get a bit of perspective and learn a bit more about it.

“Sometimes it can be difficult getting the right answers from the professionals, not just because they are busy, but they might not know what you are talking about,” she added.

To join the next meeting this Thursday March 3 from 8pm to 10pm, email or

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