Kingsland Road is through to the live shows of ITV’s X Factor

Kingsland Road in New York for the X Factor, ITV

Kingsland Road in New York for the X Factor, ITV - Credit: Archant

Boyband Kingsland Road is down to the last three bands in the X Factor and will now go through to the live shows of the talent show.

Kingsland Road in New York for the X Factor, ITV

Kingsland Road in New York for the X Factor, ITV - Credit: Archant

The Hackney-based five-piece band was New York to perform in front of judge Gary Barlow and guest judge Olly Murs, a runner-up in the show four years ago.

They had to change their name from Kingsland because a US group already have that name.

Connor, 19, Josh, 20, Matt, 23, Thompson, 22, and Jay, 19, auditioned first, singing Olly Murs’ Dance With Me.

Speaking ahead of the performance, the boys said: “If we get a “no”, we can’t afford to keep the band going and it’s going to be devastating.”

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After their performance, Barlow said: ‘’I do get a twang when I see them, it takes me back.

“One of the things I love most about this band is the personality.

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“It’s just leaping off the stage, there’s so much to fall in love with there.”

Murs added: “They over-egged it a little too much, but they’ve got great voices.

“The middle one, too good in fact he shouldn’t have sung my song.”

The band was chosen for the live shows along with Rough Copy and Miss Dynamix, while Xyra, Code 4 and Brick City were disappointed to be sent home.

On getting through to the live shows, Connor said: “When Gary paused and we were waiting for his decision; that felt like literally an hour. It was ridiculous.”

The lads share a two bedroom flat in Haggerston and have lived in Shoreditch and Homerton.

During boot camp they admitted to judges that two of them had lost their bar jobs after stepping up band rehearsals.

Now all four judges have picked their final threes, the 12 acts will move into the contestants’ house in preparation for the first live show on Saturday October 12.

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