Kylie Minogue comforts The Voice hopeful who “slipped through the net”

Miles Anthony on The Voice, photo BBC/Wall to Wall

Miles Anthony on The Voice, photo BBC/Wall to Wall - Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall

A tearful Hackney hopeful for The Voice was comforted by pop queen Kylie Minogue, after none of the judges pressed their buttons to take him through to the next stage.

Ms Minogue, Tom Jones, Ricky Wilson and were left numb after letting 21-year old Miles Anthony “slip through the net” following his powerful performance on the BBC’s singing competition.

Miles, who lives in Lower Clapton, was meant to audition for the talent show last year but on his way there his six-year old niece – who has Battens Disease, a rare, fatal, degenerative illness – was suddenly taken ill with a seizure and he rushed to hospital to be by her side.

His whole family were at the auditions to support him this year, but he missed his cue to hit his high notes.

“There’s a big pause in the music, the song is leading up to this one big point, at that moment I stopped and took everything in , the crowd and the lights and the fact that no one had turned around yet, I waited a second too long and missed my moment,” explained Miles, who went to Rushmore Primary school and now works in Stratford’s Topman after graduating with a 2.1.

“I think in hindsight they were waiting for that moment, it was the biggest note I would have hit. We did so much crying that day, after the filming I cried for a day and a half.”

He was happy for Kylie’s support, who he says “smells like roses”.

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“It was a comfort because the obvious feeling is that you haven’t done a good job but I feel the fact I couldn’t perform to my full potential and have the whole nation saying why didn’t he go through, it all bodes well for me.

“I’m not dwelling on what mistakes I might have made because I know there will be things in the futre that will go my way.”

Following his rejection, said he was “humbled”.

“We’re here to give people the chance of their lives, I’ve had my heart broken trying to chase my dreams but if you really want it there’s nothing to stop you,” he said.