Last Days of Shoreditch pop-up set to close this month

Red Market returns for 'The Last Days of Shoreditch'

Red Market returns for 'The Last Days of Shoreditch' - Credit: Archant

It’s the end of an era in Old Street as the events space pop-up Last Days of Shoreditch is set to close – though neighbours aren’t exactly shedding a tear.

The street food and bar venue, previously Night Tales, has been run by Red Market in a site off Old Street since 2014 on a temporary basis while it waits to be built on.

But the Art’otel Hoxton development is now on its way and the venue will close on July 29. Chiefs plan to go out with a bang by hosting special events this month.

Neighbours enduring sleepless nights as a result of drunk ravers leaving the venue have welcomed the closure.

One man who lives in Charles Square in Hoxton, just behind Old Street, said less people urinating and taking drugs in the block would be welcomed.

Speaking to the Gazette yesterday (Wed), the morning after hundreds of England fans brought Old Street to a standstill after leaving the venue, which is showing all World Cup games on a huge screen, he said: “Hackney Council gave them a licence for this knowing our children have to be up for school. So long as Hackney are getting money from alcohol they don’t care.

“We have had years of that music resonating to us.”

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A spokeswoman for Last Days of Shoreditch said: “In the last eight years we have been able to create a truly modern creative, community-based project, that brought together people from all walks of life – artists, religious people, food lovers as well as football fans this summer.

“We hope that in the future we can continue this template and keep building in Hackney, and we want to thank all those that helped us create this vision – we will be back.”