Last ditch attempt to halt controversial Lea Valley development

Campaigners are making a last ditch attempt to halt a controversial high rise development in the Lea Valley nature reserve through a petition with over 300 signatures calling for a judicial review.

In January Waltham Forest Council granted planning permission for four seven-storey buildings as part of the Essex Wharf development in the Lee Valley Regional Park.

Set on the opposite side of the River Lea, the towers would obstruct open views from Upper Clapton’s Millfields North recreation ground, across Leyton Marsh.

The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), referred the decision to the Secretary of State for reconsideration, but Eric Pickles decided in March intervention would not be justified.

The Lea Valley Federation now wants the park to apply for a High Court judicial review, which could overturn Pickles’ decision.

A spokesman for the Lea Valley Federation said: “People are really angry about the way Waltham Forest Council and now the Government are betraying the ideals which lead to the creation of this green lung for London 45 years ago.”

Legal advisers have told the park authority that the costs of judicial review are potentially very high if they lose the case, and that the chances of success are fairly low.