Lea Bridge Results

Labour have held on to Lea Bridge ward with candiates Ian Rathbone, Deniz Oguzkanli and Margaret Gordon elected.

Cllr Rathbone said: “I’m ecstatic that we have retained three Labour councillors in this ward.”

Surname Other name(s) Party Votes

EARL Douglas Greens 985

GORDON Margaret Labour 2,331

HASTINGS Robert Giles Lib Democrats 169

JACOBSON Gita Lib Democrats 157

Most Read

JENKINS Ruth Greens 1,055

KELLY Linda Conservatives 391

MANGERA Elyas Conservatives 310

MERCER David Green 859

OGUZKANLI Deniz Labour 2,073

RATHBONE Ian Labour 2,147

SHENKER Jeffrey Lib Democrats 175

TURBAK Piotr Conservatives 197

VALENT Annoesjka Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 161