Lend street artist John Dolan your fingerprint for giant mural in Shoreditch

John Dolan and George

John Dolan and George - Credit: Archant

The public is being asked to help street artist John Dolan create a giant mural using only their fingerprints in Box Park Square, Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, today.

The finished portrait will reveal the face of Victor, a one-time classically trained pianist who now sleeps rough in Shoreditch High Street. The aim is to raise money for homeless charity Streetlink.

John was homeless himself for over 20 years before being discovered by gallery owner, Richard Howard Griffin, and he is now an established artist with sell-out exhibitions and pieces going for six-figure sums.

StreetLink is looking to complete the original work with around 2,700 fingerprints, symbolising the number of people who sleep on the streets of England each year.

Lend your fingerprint anytime between 7am and 3pm.

Matt Harrison, Director of StreetLink, said: “We need to raise £100,000 to keep StreetLink going next year so it’s essential for people to realise how important the service is – contacting us takes just a few minutes and can mean the difference between life and death for someone sleeping rough. Help is literally at your fingertips.”