Letter: Facilities needed to make LTNs work

Kingsland Road:Picture Ken Mears

Kingsland Road shopping centre - Credit: Ken Mears

Shopping areas need improving

Charles Webber, Dalston, full address supplied, writes:

Though I’m still not convinced the big stick approach of LTN’s will really work on the motorist as our weather deteriorates, Hackney and other local authorities might try a bit more carrot to encourage pedestrianisation and supporting any Stay Local and green initiatives. 

Car-free day in Stoke Newington Church Street. Picture: Hackney Council

Stoke Newington Church Street's Car Free Day in 2019 - Credit: hackney council

Unless pedestrians can pause and rest, visit a bathroom and walk the street without every blocked drain risking an instant shower they’ll always be a reluctance to leave the car at home. 

Can our esteemed council set an example; clear away the decrepit phone boxes, install some extra seating, encourage businesses to offer toilet facilities with rate reductions and clean every blocked drain in the borough – with a reporting system for such that actually works?

It’s all very well “modelling” everything but without the basic logistics in place, we’ll just create an underclass of lonely hermits who order every tube of toothpaste online.