Gazette letters: Rashan Charles, 476 bus and parkng in Stamford Hill

Diane Abbott, flanked by Rashan Charles' father Esa, outside Stoke Newington police station in the w

Diane Abbott, flanked by Rashan Charles' father Esa, outside Stoke Newington police station in the wake of Rashan's death. Picture: POLLY HANCOCK - Credit: Archant

Public confidence in the Police Complaints Authority and then the Independent Police Complaints Commission was undermined by their lack of resources to employ enough people, of whom too many were ex-policemen with inevitable loyalty to their former colleagues, write Mary Pimm and Nik Wood, Gore Road, Hackney.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct already seems to be headed the same way at record speed.

Rashan Charles’ family’s doubts about the value of the IOPC are shared by the family of Suleyman Yalcin who died when run over by a police van in Seven Sisters Road in December last year.

It is long past time for our police to held to account by a body that has sufficient resources and competence, the confidence of the public and the powers to enforce its findings.

Perhaps a body dealing with deaths in all circumstances involving agencies with detention powers, such as psychiatric units (more than 200 suicides were recorded at mental health units over the last seven years), immigration and HMRC detention centres as well as police and prisons, would go some way towards this.

For those of us living in Stoke Newington, the decrease in frequency of the 476 to the West End is most unfortunate, since we have no Tube, and to get to Euston from Northwold Road is only possible with the 476, writes Laurel Brake, Stoke Newington.

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This is because TfL insists the ubiquitous 73s all end at Stoke Newington Common, and not take passengers around the one way system to continue their journey into the West End.

The conduct of the 73 is completely un-attuned to passengers, as it also stops in the middle of journeys to wait up to five minutes – to “regulate the system” and change drivers – when this bus has just left Stoke Newington Common where shifts might at least begin and end!

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Without Tubes in Stoke Newington, we are reliant on buses to get us to the Tubes. If we are late, or in a rush, then the 73 does not help with its double stopping. Of course, none of this is the fault of the drivers, but of the operators.

I regard the 476 as a welcome alternative, and when I have the choice, I always take the 476 which treats its passengers better. And really sorry to hear it is to begin in King’s Cross, as its presence in Euston means you can get a seat, when the 73s are crowded. Also, one can travel north, beyond Stoke Newington, on the 476. There is no other bus between Euston that goes north up Stamford Hill than the 476. It is not all that frequent now. It needs to retain or improve its current frequency.

TfL has paid no attention to passengers in areas that do not have Tube services; this part of Hackney is one of them.

There is fury in Stamford Hill over the weekend because the council started consulting again on parking controls that were roundly rejected in November 2015, writes Christopher Sills, Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill.

Indeed, one angry resident asked me if the council could be sued for harassment. It certainly deserves to be.

What annoys me about this so-called consultation is the sheer waste of money that is funded by the council tax payer, when the council has other things on which it should be spending money like social care.

I hope the council will not have the cheek to complain that the government does not give it enough money when it is wasting it on this scale. Quite clearly the government should reduce its grant by the amount wasted.

A better solution, of course, would be for the council to recover the cost from the salaries of councillors. Hopefully hitting them in the pocket will make them more responsible.

The consultation document is dishonest because it does not say buying a permit does not guarantee you a parking place, or that there will be fewer spaces available.

Parking controls depend on good public transport and the mayor of London and Hackney Council have shown no interest in improving bus services in Stamford Hill.

There is no direct bus route to the Homerton Hospital, Stratford, Brent Cross or the West End.

All residents in Stamford Hill should vote no to the council’s plans and if they are members of the Labour Party they should resign in protest at the waste of their money and the attempt to fleece them by the council.

The Labour Party does not seem to understand that many people in Hackney are on low wages and are struggling to make ends meet and will find the extra tax being imposed on them by the council hard to find.

There is no reduction if the family is on free school meals and is dependant on the car for work but then the Labour Party has long since forgotten about working people.

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