Letters: Covid 'Freedom Day' - vaccine and masks

Woman gets a Covid-19 vaccine at an Olympic Park vaccine event.

Woman gets a Covid-19 vaccine at an Olympic Park vaccine event. - Credit: Hackney Council

For all our sakes get vaccinated!

Antonia Gutman, Hackney, full address supplied, writes:

Covid infection numbers are soaring; only a few weeks ago Homerton Hospital had only one person in with Covid and the last report was that they had 14 - with six coming in on one day.

Now we’ve had the so-called “freedom day” on Monday, when it’s now down to us whether we choose to take precautions, for ourselves and others, in risky places.

BUT of those aged 65 or over in Hackney and the City of

London, only three-quarters have had both jabs, and a only a few more have had at least one – and these age groups are the most vulnerable to going to hospital or dying.

And the figures get worse as you go down the age ranges. For 25-44 year-olds, only half have had one dose, and a quarter or less have had two. More younger ones are going to hospital – and even if you don’t, one-in-10 people get long-Covid; or you could pass it on to someone else who will get it badly.

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PLEASE for your sakes, and that of your family, friends, and the rest of us GET VACCINATED.

Use masks as infections climb

Steve Allen says there are some people who think that wearing a mask to protect other people is too

A couple wearing masks while doing their supermarket shop - Credit: PA Images

Charlie Norman, on behalf of Hackney Green Party, writes:

The government was bizarrely determined to throw public health protections on a bonfire from July 19 and pretend that the pandemic is magically over. 

In the real world here in Hackney, infection rates continue to climb, and many of us are still vulnerable or as yet unvaccinated.

Recent polling showed that 70 per cent of us are in favour of continuing to wear masks. 
For the time being at least, the rules should be kept in place so that we can continue to protect ourselves and one another while we remain in a pandemic.

We’re still all in this together. Yes, wearing them is annoying, especially for us glasses wearers, but this virus kills. 

It is the definition of a small price to pay.

Please wear mask in NHS settings

Ruth May, chief nursing officer for England, writes:

Face coverings and social distancing measures will remain in place across healthcare settings so that the most vulnerable people can continue to safely attend hospital, their GP surgery, pharmacy or any other healthcare settings for advice, care and treatment.

And it is important for the public to continue to play their part when visiting NHS and care settings to help protect our staff and patients, particularly those who may be more vulnerable to infections. 
As restrictions were lifted in many places on Monday everyone has a part to play in helping to control the Covid by getting vaccinated and acting responsibly.

It is vital that in healthcare settings, we do all we can to reduce the risk of infection for those working in our services and those who need our care.

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