Licence revoked for popular bar at Shoreditch street food market

The Pump

The Pump - Credit: Archant

A bar which was “illegally” selling alcohol in a lively street food market has had its licence revoked following a hearing yesterday evening (August 13).

It emerged that The Pump, in Shoreditch High Street, which occupies the site of a former petrol station and off licence, has been serving alcohol to hundreds of punters without the correct licence.

The premises held a licence dating from 2007 that had been granted to a small Co-op convenience store that sold beer and wine, groceries and petrol.

An application for an altered licence was denied last year after concerns about antisocial behaviour (ASB) in the area – but the bar has been serving anyway.

Authorities called for a licence review as they said the use of the space had drastically changed.

They have now decided the revocation of the licence is “both appropriate and necessary” to uphold the licensing objectives, in particular, the prevention of public nuisance.

Concerns were also raised about how the venue would address the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety and the protection of children from harm.

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Residents had criticised the bar, which is adjacent to Shoreditch’s Special Policy Area, for adding to the noise levels and pollution in the area, as well as having a “cumulative impact” on the neighbourhood.

Outlining their decision the sub-committee said: “The licensee’s representative provided limited proposals by way of conditions, to tackle the issues that had been raised. However, the lack of any specific detail as to any meaningful conditions was disappointing from such an experienced operator.”

It added: “In implementing its duty to promote the licensing objectives, the sub-committee felt that the only way this could be achieved was by taking the proactive measure of revoking the licence.”

The decision is not set to affect the 11 food vendors which trade next to the bar, as they stop serving hot food at 11pm.

The Gazette has contacted The Pump for a comment.