Brexit petition: 32,000 in Hackney back call for government to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU

Anti Brexit campaigners in Westminster on the day of a debate on extending Article 50 Brexit negotia

Anti Brexit campaigners in Westminster on the day of a debate on extending Article 50 Brexit negotiations at the House of Commons. Picture: Victoria Jones/PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

More than 32,000 people in Hackney have signed a Brexit petition calling for Britain to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union (EU).

Screen grab taken from the UK Parliament website of a petition calling for the government to 'Revoke

Screen grab taken from the UK Parliament website of a petition calling for the government to 'Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU." Theresa May has ruled out cancelling the Brexit countdown despite the public petition, which has since hit three million signatures. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The petition has recorded more than three million votes nationwide in less than 48 hours ahead of the “Put It to the People” march tomorrow ending in Parliament Square, which demands a final say on the Brexit deal.

Some 16,394 in Hackney North and Stoke Newington, and 15,364 in Hackney South and Shoreditch (12 per cent), have put their names to the poll.

The number is still somewhat short of the 83,398 in Hackney who backed Remain in the actual 2016 referendum – 78pc of all local voters.

More than 2,000 people a minute have been putting their names to the petition. That makes it the fastest growing poll ever submitted to the national portal, which was set up nearly four years ago.

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Rebecca Bridgland of Hackney for a People’s Vote – whose father David, 77, is travelling from Scotland to attend tomorrow’s march – said: “This petition is really important.

“78pc of Hackney voted to Remain and yet our Labour MPs Meg Hillier and Diane Abbott have consistently represented their party interests and not those of their constituents.

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“Is it any surprise that Hackney residents are signing this when their MPs have abandoned them?

“It’s truly appalling how we have been denied an honest voice in Westminster, and now what?

“Stockpiling and mobilising the armed forces, delays to medicines, small businesses being crippled? It’s unacceptable.”

The EU today granted a two-week extension for Prime Minister Theresa May to negotiate a Brexit deal that can pass through Parliament – something she has twice failed to do in recent weeks.

Meg Hillier, Hackney South and Shoreditch MP, said: “Hackney is speaking up. We have over 41,000 EU citizens living in our borough.

“The Prime Minister says she will not revoke article 50 and I do not believe there is a majority in Parliament for this – at this stage.

“Another senior government minister has ruled out taking any notice of the petition unless it exceeds 17m. This sets the bar high.

“I have repeatedly voted in Parliament against Brexit and to lessen its impact. But the government still determines what Parliament can vote on and, as we have seen, can ignore Parliament’s will.

“Parliament is clear – her deal is not acceptable and we do not want to leave without a deal. Despite this the Prime Minister has come back from Brussels refusing to budge position and even putting no deal back on the table.

“Theresa May is unable to deliver any consensus. She has tin ears.

“I am working with colleagues to support the best options possible next week. If we get the chance I’d rather see a public vote than Parliament revoke article 50. The government has failed and refuses to look at other options so the people should decide. If we do face a no deal exit then revoking article 50 would be the only option in order to act in time.”

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