Stamford Hill West by-election 2021: All your candidates in one place

Stock image of person voting. Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/PA Images

Who will you vote for in the Stamford Hill West by-election on May 6. - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Stamford Hill West voters in the London mayoral election on May 6 will also be able to vote in a by-election for a council seat in their ward.

The race for Stamford Hill West is for the seat vacated by former Conservative councillor Aron Klein, who stood down for health reasons.

Below is a list of the candidates on offer in 2021.

Johnny Dixon, Greens

Johnny Dixon, Hackney Green Party. 

Johnny Dixon, Hackney Green Party. - Credit: Jack Stevens

Defra civil servant Dixon has spoken out against the felling of trees beside the East Bank nature reserve, and is calling for a “robust agreement” be made with Network Rail to prevent a recurrence.

The Green candidate and former school governor has chaired an independent custody visiting panel and is vice chair of Haringey’s safer neighbourhood board, is co-founder and trustee of Communities Against Violence and is a member of charity A Band of Brothers, which works with young men in the criminal justice system.

Dixon said “Hackney regularly has the highest Green vote in London. It is time that Green citizens are represented at council level. I would look to bring the borough-wide traffic calming measures to Dunsmure Road.

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Residents’ complaints of significant congestion and late-night car horns are valid. This is a residential area that should have lower traffic volumes and should be quiet at night.”

Tony Harms, Liberal Democrat

Liberal Democrat Tony Harms

Liberal Democrat Tony Harms, has lived in Hackney for 34 years. For 20 years he ran a Hackney based Adoption Support Agency and is currently the Secretary of a Mental Health Charity. - Credit: Tony Harms

Harms, who ran a local adoption support agency for 20 years and is the secretary of a mental health charity, has promised if elected to give residents “a real say in the running of their ward,” being of the belief that power should be in the hands of “local people who really understand the challenges.”

The Lib Dem candidate was secretary of the Stoke Newington conservation area advisory committee, sits on a patient and public involvement committee in the local health network, and is former vice-chair of the Lordship safer neighbourhood forum.

He said: “The pandemic has changed Hackney forever and we have an opportunity to rebuild a fairer, greener borough for everyone.

"We need to look at the whole picture when thinking about a green recovery and really bring the whole community onboard to tackle things like traffic pressure, air pollution and making our neighbourhoods safe for walking, cycling, and much more accessible for those with mobility issues."

Stephen Lisser, Conservatives

Stephen Lisser is the Conservative candidate for Stamford Hill West.

A Hackney Conservative spokesperson said: “He is a well known and well respected member of the local community and has lived in the area for all of his adult life.”

Rosemary Sales, Labour

Rosemary Sales, Stamford West Labour candidate with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 

Rosemary Sales, Stamford West Labour candidate with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. - Credit: Rosemary Sales

Former Stamford Hill West councillor and Hackney Migrant centre trustee Sales has promised if elected to work with residents to end “traffic chaos”, speak up for the rights of renters and work for properly funded public services and Covid-safe schools.

Retired university lecturer Sales, who also served as chair of governors at Sir Thomas Abney School, has promised to be an “accountable voice for all local residents,” with Labour attacking current Conservative representation in the area as “weak” and “almost invisible.” 

She said: “For three years our community has had no voice. I will listen to your views, take up individual casework and work with all residents. I have always been active in the local community, campaigning for safer streets, better public services and against NHS privatisation. As councillor for Stamford Hill West (2014-2018), I worked for the whole community, listening to people’s views and helping residents secure the services they deserve.”

The most recent results for the ward from the 2018 London local elections can be found by clicking here