Hackney MP is one of the 196 in parliament that rents out property

Meg Hillier, representative for Hackney South and Shoreditch is one of the 196 MPs that rent out pro

Meg Hillier, representative for Hackney South and Shoreditch is one of the 196 MPs that rent out property - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

The number of MPs supplementing their incomes by acting as landlords has risen by a quarter since the last parliament - with one Hackney MP in the 196-strong list.

Almost a third of MPs are now letting out their houses or flats, with 196 declaring rental income on the official register of interests this year.

Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch, rents out property in London and she wants to ensure that the principles she votes for in parliament are abided by all landlords.

Speaking to the Gazette, Ms Hillier said: “I voted for a number of amendments that would have helped renters, including requiring all private landlords to make sure their properties are fit for people to live in.

“Unfortunately the government voted not to do this. It also removed security of tenure for council tenants.”

Other notable renters include Newbury MP Richard Benyon, who owns an undisclosed number of properties in Hampshire, Berkshire and Hackney.

His family own the 20,000-acre Englefield Estate, complete with stately mansion, in Berkshire and the Benyon Estate in Hackney, east London.

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The family exited from investing in the redevelopment plans of the New Era council estate in Hoxton after facing fierce resistance by working-class mothers who were being priced out.

The Conservative party has the highest number of landlord MPs at 128, meaning 39 per cent of Tory MPs are landlords compared with 50 Labour MPs that make up 22 per cent of the party.

Betsy Dillner, director of Generation Rent, said: “Some of the most vulnerable members of society rely on private landlords for a roof over their head, and they rely on parliament to make sure they’re properly protected.

“The prevalence of landlords in parliament is a reminder to private tenants how important it is to make their voices heard.”

The government has been criticised recently after Conservative MPs threw out a Labour amendment to the housing and planning bill designed to ensure all rented accommodation is safe for people to live in.

Ms Hillier would like to see rental fixes introduced to ensure tenants stay in properties for longer periods.

She added: “I’d like to go further and see longer term private tenancies with rental fixes so that tenants get certainty and communities benefit from longer term neighbours.”