Parting gift: PM ‘delighted’ to get Brexit painting from Homerton artist the day before she quit

Kevin Gill with The Brexit Note.

Kevin Gill with The Brexit Note. - Credit: Archant

A Homerton artist received a letter of thanks from 10 Downing Street on Tuesday after sending prime minister Theresa May a print of his latest work – The Brexit Note.

Kevin Gill's oil painting shows on one side the current division between European and UK politicians over Brexit, and on the other the figures and faces behind the history of the European movement.

The piece seeks to take a neutral stance on Brexit and instead illustrate what Kevin perceives as the deep divisions now facing the country.

Born and bred in Hackney, Kevin said: "The Brexit Note shows how this country is split, how we need to come together and how politicians need to put their differences aside.

"It's culturally significant and it's about history in the making.

"It was great getting a response from 10 Downing Street. I've been working from 4am to late at night on this.

"You don't sleep, you just work. I keep myself in the studio the whole time."

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As for people in the borough relating to his work, Kevin added: "I think people relate to the feeling of struggle.

"When I'm in the media and getting my work out there it shows people there's a way of out of the struggle. If you have talent and skill, why not use it?

"With The Brexit Note people understand it because they're seeing it every day and living through it."

Kevin started the work in December last year and finished it on February 4 with the UK at that stage set to leave the European Union - a deadline which was then delayed to October 31.

He intended to give The Brexit Note to Theresa May in person but was instead advised to send it by post, in the end delivering it 24 hours after the Prime Minister announced her resignation.

Three years ago Kevin received a personal letter of thanks from Barack Obama after sending the then US president a painting of a billion dollar note embossed with his face.

More of Kevin's work can be found on his website