Local elections: Clissold ward result

Three new faces, Sophie Cameron, Ned Hercock and Sade Etti, have been voted in from the Labour party to represent Clissold ward. Again, the Green party came in second position.

Sophie Cameron (Labour): 2,519 (ELECTED)

Ned Hercock (Labour): 2,103 (ELECTED)

Sade Etti (Labour): 2,010 (ELECTED)

Charlotte George (Green): 1,287

Griffin Carpenter (Green): 1,125

Kirsty Styles (Green): 1,040

Most Read

Sylvia Anderson (Liberal Democrats): 410

Simon De Deney (Liberal Democrats): 345

Alison Cook (Conservative): 305

Glenda Aussenbery (Conservative): 263

Tony Harms (Liberal Democrats): 207

Ita Steinberger (Conservative): 207

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