Shoreditch Citizens’ first assembly to tackle gang crime and child poverty

Tackling street gang violence and child poverty are two issues community leaders will thrash out at the inaugural assembly of Shoreditch Citizens tonight (Thurs).

Community groups have already decided on issues it will focus on over the coming year, such as street crime, living wages, affordable housing and educational opportunities.

Specific actions proposed include tackling the threat of gang violence by building a community involving youngsters, local groups and the police.

They want to end gangs dominating their ‘territory’ and making areas no-go zones for youngsters.

The campaigners also want to make the area a ‘Living Wage’ zone, where half the children are living below the poverty line and four-in-10 adults are out of work.

Shoreditch Citizens is being set up as part of London Citizens network, which includes The East London Communities Organisation in Whitechapel.

The network launched the ‘living wage’ campaign in 2001 which so far claims to have lifted 6,500 families out of working poverty. Now they want families around Shoreditch and Bethnal Green to join them.