Tory councillors still boycotting Hackney’s standards committee

The tour starts at Hackney Town Hall

The tour starts at Hackney Town Hall - Credit: Archant

Opposition councillors are still boycotting the town hall’s standards committee over claims of political bias dating back to 2013.

Tory members withdrew from the committee after claiming no Labour councillors had been disciplined, and it was just councillors from their party being put under the spotlight.

It came after Cllr Benzion Papier and Cllr Michael Levy were found to have breached the code of conduct by not declaring interests in planning matters. Lib Dem members also boycotted the committee.

In a report published ahead of a meeting next week, deputy mayor Cllr Anntoinette Bramble said: “It is yet again regrettable the opposition parties decided not to take up their places on the committee for 2017/18. It functions in an independent and non-party political way. It will continue to retain the place for the now sole opposition party for the duration of this new administration in the hope it will be taken up.”