Local elections: Cazenove ward result

The Lib Dems have managed to maintain control of Cazenove ward in Hackney, despite a big Labour push to try and win seats there.

Kofo Adeolu-David (Labour):

Dawood Ebrahim Akhoon (Liberal Democrats): 1,715 (ELECTED)

Mischa Borris (Green): 744

Matthew Burn (Labour): 1,593

Erika Halasz (Conservative): 150

Abraham Jacobson (Liberal Democrats): 1,731 1,715 (ELECTED)

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Marzena Iwona Kwasnik (Conservative): 209

Jenny Lopez (Green): 580

Ian David Sharer (Liberal Democrats): 1,709 1,715 (ELECTED)

Pamela Yvonne Sills (Conservative): 189

Gilbert Smyth (Labour): 1,602

Teresa Webb (Green): 538