Local elections: Hackney Central ward result

Familiar Labour faces, Deput Mayor Sophie Linden, Ben Hayhurst and Chair of the planning committee Vincent Stops are voted back in on Hackney Central ward, with the Green party coming second place.

Sophie Linden (Labour): 2,094 (ELECTED)

Ben Hayhurst (Labour): 2,082 (ELECTED)

Vincent Stops (Labour): 1,916 (ELECTED)

Christopher James Venables (Green): 751

George William Graham (Green): 738

Alec Rossiter (Green): 717

Most Read

Reuben Thompson-Wood (Liberal Democrats): 240

James Lyons (Liberal Democrats): 202

Heather Elizabeth Whitelaw (Conservative): 190

Fadile Unek (Conservative): 184

Elzbieta Joanna Wancowicz (Conservative): 167

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