Local elections: Hackney Downs ward result

Hackney Speaker, Michael Desmond and Rick Muir have been re-elected to Hackney Downs ward, along with Anna-Joy Rickard. All three Green party candiates came second in this ward too.

Michael Desmond (Labour): 2,115 (ELECTED)

Anna-Joy Rickard (Labour): 2,100 (ELECTED)

Rick Muir (Labour): 2,020 (ELECTED)

Alexander Brown (Green): 843

Stuart Coggins (Green): 834

Andrew Guise (Green): 719

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Teena Lashmore (Liberal Democrats): 342

Mohammed Sadiq (Liberal Democrats): 293

Garry Malcolm (Liberal Democrats): 249

Duncan Gray (Conservative): 214

Amy Gray (Conservative): 214

Izabel Leosz (Conservative): 149