Local elections: Haggerston ward result

Labour have maintained control of Haggerston ward, as Barry Buitekant, Jonathan McShane and Ann Muss kept their seats, with the Green party hot on their heels.

Barry Buitekant (Labour): 1,822 (ELECTED)

Jonathan McShane (Labour): 1,816 (ELECTED)

Ann Munn (Labour): 1,808 (ELECTED)

Heather Finlay (Green): 607

Andrew Fernandez (Green): 586

Gideon Corby (Green): 557

Most Read

Doreen Bullock (Conservative): 362

Clarence King (Conservative): 254

Timothy Wright (Conservative): 244

Oktay Cinpolat (TUSC): 243

Joe Jordan (Liberal Democrats): 181

Geoffrey Payne (Liberal Democrats): 131

Meyer Rapaport (Liberal Democrats): 94