Local elections: Homerton ward result

Old kids on the block, Robert Chapman, Guy Nicholson and Sally Mulready have been re-elected, but to a new ward - Homerton. Chapman previously stood for De Beauvoir, while Nicholson and Mulready were on Chatham. Again, the Green party came in at second place.

Robert Chapman (Labour): 2,120 (ELECTED)

Guy Nicholson (Labour): 2,029 (ELECTED)

Sally Mulready (Labour): 1,993 (ELECTED)

Kevin Clark (Green): 548

John Devaney (Green): 527

Virginia Lopez Calvo (Green): 507

Most Read

Stephen Selby (Conservative): 231

Melissa Harflett (Liberal Democrats): 216

Oluwagbemiro Igunnubole (Conservative): 201

Shuruj Miah (Independent): 194

Alina Nowobilski (Conservative): 187

Charlie Harris (Liberal Democrats): 183

Susan Jane Horowitz (Liberal Democrats): 126