Local Elections: Springfield Results

Springfield Ward turned blue this evening, making it the only one in Hackney to do so this evening.

Councillors Michael Levy and Simche Steinberger are returning candidates while Harvey Ozde is a newcomer to Springfield.

Surname Other Name(s) Party Votes

ALDEN-FALCONER Ben Labour 1,708

BACON Christine Greens 384

BIRKSTED-BREEN Noah Julian Greens 317

DONOVAN Dennis Liberal Democrats 127

Most Read

JONES Michael Labour 1,605

LARKIN David Labour 1,678

LEVY Michael Conservatives 2,142 (Elected)

O’BRIEN Mary Liberal Democrats 148

ODZE Harvey Conservatives 2,025 (Elected)

ROUND Stuart Calvert Liberal Democrats 93

STEINBERGER Simche Conservatives 2,145 (Elected)

STERN Daniel Greens 313