London Fields ‘grave’ mystery solved

Mound contains copies of the Guardian newspaper

THE mystery of a pop-up ‘grave’ in London Fields has been solved – after police dug into it and found nothing more than newspapers.

Inside the five foot-long mound, which appeared near the Martello Street entrance to the park yesterday morning was not the remains of a living creature, as some feared, but dead newspapers – The Guardian of November 20 to be precise.

Police were called by park wardens as a precaution after the mystery mound was discovered, in case it did contain a dead body.

A police spokeswoman said: “It appears to be a prank, possibly by students, who had dug about an inch down making the rectangle which was about five foot by one and a half foot.

“Under the piled up soil were bin bags containing newspaper to make it appear like there was something underneath. The paper was a copy of the Guardian from 20th Nov.

“The pot containing flowers on top was just a pot for holding a candle.

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“The team say they often see students doing art projects in London Fields and they don’t think it was anything more sinister than that. It appears to have been done overnight and was there at 7.30am.”

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