London Fire Brigade issues warning after Dalston home set on light by stray firework

The London Fire Brigade has issued a warning to Londoners holding their own firework displays, after a stray firework caused a house fire Dalston on Saturday night.

The firework, which flew into the roof of the house in Shacklewell Lane, is believed to have come from a neighbour’s amateur display.

It took 15 fire fighters using three fire engines around 20 minutes to bring the blaze under control just after 7pm, leaving the loft badly damaged.

Watch manager Richard Barron, from Stoke Newington Fire Station, who was at the scene, said it was fortunate no one was hurt, and that incidents like this are the reason people are encouraged to attend organised displays, rather than holding fireworks parties at home.

“There were lots of fireworks being set off nearby and it’s likely that one of them shot off in the wrong direction, hit the house and set fire to the loft.

“At the end of the day, fireworks are explosives and can be extremely dangerous. Unless you know what you’re doing, we’d recommend you leave fireworks and bonfires to the experts,” he added.

“Our fire crews did a brilliant job of bringing the fire under control quickly and keeping it from spreading.”