London Riots: Hackney Standoff

A tense standoff is taking place in Hackney as police in riot gear face off with youths, many of whose faces are covered.

Tensions have been running high all day after looting took place throughout the borough last night.

The incident is being streamed live by BBC news crews as it unfolds at the top end of the Narrow Way at the junction of Lower Clapton Road, Clarence Road, and Amhurst Road.

Witnesss Nadia Sam-Daliri told the Gazette three police cars have been attacked.

Earlier, five police vans were spotted heading to Mare Street, where many businesses have taken the decision to pull down their shutters and shut up shop, and many businesses in Broadway, as well as the Kingsland Shopping Centre, have also closed.

All council buildings were advised to close early by police in order to protect staff.

Commuters are not being allowed to get off at Hackney Central Station, which has been closed as a result of the disturbances. Passengers are being advised to get off at either Dalston Kingsland Station or Homerton Station instead.