Lone Piper to remember World War 2 Stoke Newington soldier in Sri Lanka

‘Forgotten Soldier’ to be remembered by Liverpool piper.

A STOKE Newington soldier who died thousands of miles from home during World War 2 will be remembered by a lone piper at his Sri Lankan grave.

Royal Engineer Arthur Thomas Todd, Private 2122249, died on April 4 1942 and is buried in Kandy cemetery in Sri Lanka.

Bill Jenkins, a former 4-2 Commando from Liverpool, is making the 6,000 trip with his trusty bagpipes in order to pay tribute to Pvt Todd and other ‘forgotten soldiers’.

Mr Jenkins travels the world seeking out British war graves where he plays his pipes in remembrance of the fallen.

Mr Jenkins said: “I remember I was stood on a remembrance Sunday one time thinking it is so clinical.

“Then one day in 1991 I was in Greece and saw British war graves and thought to myself ‘It would be nice if someone could remember them’.

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“Ever since then it has gone on and on and I have done Iraq, Bangalore and many more.

“I chose to do Arthur Todd as he is a World War 2 soldier who died in Sri Lanka which is quite odd.

“He is also on his own in a civilian cemetery which and apparently there is a memorial to him there.

“I am not sure what he did but it is possible he was building roads. Whatever it was he deserves to be recognised at this time.

“The only other soldiers who are remembered are from the First World War and earlier.”

Pvt Todd, who records show lived in Stoke Newington and was married to a D J Todd, was 28-years-old when he passed away.

Mr Jenkins said: “I will get to his grave with my pipes on November 29 and play ‘Going Home’ for someone who sadly never made it home.

“My hope is that a family member of Arthur, perhaps a brother, child or even his wife, will read this and get some comfort knowing that somebody cares about him.”

Mr Jenkins accepts no donations for his journeys and raises cash by playing his bagpipes close to his Liverpool home in the days running up to Remembrance Sunday.