Lorry gets stuck under low railway bridge in Homerton


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Fire crews came to the rescue of a lorry that got stuck under a railway bridge in Hackney last Friday morning.

The 13 ft HGV was lodged under a railway bridge in Kenworthy Road in Homerton, which was clearly marked “low bridge” shortly after 9am.

Three fire engines – two from Homerton and one from Bethnal Green – were sent to the scene and around 14 firefighters spent just over 30 minutes cutting the lorry free from underneath the 11.6ft bridge.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: “The lorry hit a safety barrier before the bridge.

No-one was injured or hurt during the incident, Network Rail were involved but there was no structural damage.”

A spokesman for Smart Freight Solutions, which owns the vehicle, said: “An agency driver, who did four to five days work for me, was driving the vehicle at the time.

“He made a serious error of judgment and went down the wrong road,

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“It’s very unfortunate that an agency driver was covering for another driver and did not notice the low bridge sign.”