Lower Clapton man left with 22ft phone in front garden

A Hackney builder is calling for people to buy giant phone off him and stop his family nagging.

A BUILDER from Hackney has taken a leaf out of Blondie’s book and is pleading for people to not leave him hanging on the telephone although for different reasons – his is 22ft long.

Dennis Murphy, 58, of Urswick Road, Lower Clapton, is in the doghouse with his good lady after bringing home a giant green phone receiver and parking it on his driveway.

The phone is a former prop used by the NSPCC for adverts and promotion and Mr Murphy, who worked for the charity for a number of years, took ownership when the organisation did not need it anymore.

Mr Murphy said: “A friend and I thought we might be able to use it for an advertising company or something.

“We have had many a phone call and lots of people coming to see it but no firm offers.”

Mr Murphy brought the huge prop home a few months back and had to get two friends to help him get it off the truck.

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“When I first told my partner she said ‘I do not want it in my front drive’ so I slipped it in when she was at work,” he said.

“Did she notice it when she got back? Oh by God she noticed it alright! Now I have the whole family moaning at me and telling me I should never have bought a phone on credit.”

The phone is for sale at �500 or �100 a day to hire.

Anyone interested should call 07984 540268.