Lower Clapton robbers in chicken balls grub grab

Thugs threaten delivery boy with blade and make off with edible loot.

A delivery boy was robbed of his chicken balls in a knife-point mugging in Lower Clapton.

The victim was bringing a Chinese takeaway to customers in Rogate House, Muir Road, at around 7pm last night (Monday March 21), when he buzzed the intercom.

A man answered and told him he would come down to collect the food.

Once there the suspect tried to take the food but the delivery boy told him he needed paying first so the pair went up to a flat.

As they got there a woman came to the door and checked the order and the victim again asked for payment.

At this point the man pulled out a knife and threatened the delivery boy who turned and fled.

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The stolen food was Singapore fried rice, special fried rice, banana fritters, chicken balls, a can of coke, king prawns and chilli sauce.

A male, 30 and a female, 24, were arrested at the scene on suspicion of robbery and taken to Shoreditch Police Station.

Enquiries continue and anyone with information should call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.