Made in Hackney: e9maker Lisa Devaney paints in her Homerton kitchen

Lisa Devaney. Picture: Fi R Backhouse

Lisa Devaney. Picture: Fi R Backhouse - Credit: Fi R Backhouse

Each week, the Gazette takes to the streets to unearth something being manufactured right here in Hackney. This week we hear about Lisa Devaney’s tiny acrylic paintings

Having loved painting all her life, Lisa Devaney decided it was time to turn her passion into a career two years ago.

She creates all of her acrylics depicting botanicals, landscapes and urban views at her home in Homerton.

Lisa sells the two-by-three-inch paintings for £10 in Chatsworth Road store Patina, and collaborates with two other craftswomen under the guise e9makers, holding regular market stalls together.

“It’s hard to define when you become a professional artist,” Lisa, whose main job is in PR, told the Gazette.

“Frequently I drop it all, stop for a while and think: ‘What is the point of all this?’ I took a basic course in 2016 and I got a bit more understanding and was more motivated.

“At one point I had 50 of my paintings in my flat. I started hanging them up on my walls and it became kind of ridiculous, so I decided to start selling them.”

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The e9makers will be holding their next stall at the Big London Flea at Epic in Stoke Newington Road on June 10.