Made in Hackney: Emma Aitchison’s ethical jewellery is inspired by global warming

Emma Aitchison. Photo: Will Hadley

Emma Aitchison. Photo: Will Hadley - Credit: Suhail Mehre

Each week, the Gazette takes to the streets to unearth something being manufactured right here in Hackney. This week we speak to Emma Aitchison who has taken inspiration from global warming to design her jewellery.

Emma's hand-crafted earrings, called "rock storm" are "inspired by falling hail stones"

Emma's hand-crafted earrings, called "rock storm" are "inspired by falling hail stones" - Credit: emma aitchison

Emma Aitchison’s jewellery is “inspired by the weather’s forces”, and her upcoming autumn collection has been designed to promote climate change, and changing weather patterns.

She launched her eponymous jewellery and accessories brand after becoming frustrated that it was impossible to find anything which suited her style, which was made with sustainability in mind.

The designer and eco-activist - who works out of a studio in Hackney Wick - believes jewellery “should not be a contributing factor in harming the planet or humans”.

She makes sure that the materials she uses to make her rings, earrings, nose clips, bangles and necklaces are sourced from ethical suppliers where possible.

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