Made in Hackney: Mylkman delivers nut milks to your door in reusable glass bottles

The Mylk nut milks. Picture: Rachel Harrison

The Mylk nut milks. Picture: Rachel Harrison - Credit: Rachel Harrison

Each week, the Gazette takes to the streets to unearth something being manufactured right here in Hackney. This week we find out about Mylkman’s nut milks.

Mylkman’s nut milks are made in a kitchen in Hackney where they are distributed for home delivery by bicycle.

Milks, which come in flavours like almond, sweet pistachio and chai, maca and matcha and cashew are sold in 1L glass bottles on which customers get 50p back if they reuse them.

Some 10pc of profits go straight to environmental charity Greenpeace.

Rachel Harrison, told the Gazette: “We founded Mylkman out of a desire to create an ethically inclined, sustainable business that could make a higher quality product than we could access in stores.

“We were frustrated by the low nut-content ‘mylks’ on offer, and more so, our inability to pronounce – let alone identify – many of the ingredients in them. We also knew our homemade ‘mylks’ tasted much better than the shop-bought stuff and figured many people would benefit from the convenience of having it dropped off to their door.”