Made in Hackney: Newton and Pott jams are made in batches of just 12 jars

Newton and Pott preserves. Photo: Hung Quach

Newton and Pott preserves. Photo: Hung Quach - Credit: Hung Quach

Kylee Newton is passionate about preserves and pickling, and insists on making her jams in small batches to ensure the best possible flavour.

Kylee Newton with her preserves branded Newton and Pott. Photo: Philippa Langley

Kylee Newton with her preserves branded Newton and Pott. Photo: Philippa Langley - Credit: Hung Quach

“It means you don’t have to cook it as long,” she said. “The longer you cook it you lose your nutritional value. Most companies would make a batch of 100 jars at a time if not more, but we make everything by hand so it’s 12 jars of jam at a time. It’s like making it at home.”

She started her preserves range Newton and Pott four years ago after making chutney for Christmas presents.

With three members of staff they are constantly cooking, jarring up, and labelling in a small kitchen in the Regents Studios just off Broadway Market.

They have a revolving range of jams, chutneys and pickles.

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She likes to incorporate spices and herbs, alcohol and florals and one of her best sellers is a a gin pickled cucumber, and whisky pickled carrots “seem to fly out the door”.

“I’m a little bit prolific,” said Kylee. “I get too excited when the seasons come and we have to rein in a little bit of our range because we do a lot each week for three people.”

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They sell to Harrods, Daylesford Organics, and the De Beauvoir Deli was her first ever stockist. Prices vary but she sells the jam at £5 a jar at her stall in Broadway Market Saturdays.

“The business survives by I pay everyone, but it’s a small business so I’m still working on the paying myself part of it.”

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