Made in Hackney: ‘Real Bread’ with a social conscience

Bakers at work in the Better Health Bakery

Bakers at work in the Better Health Bakery - Credit: Archant

Sourdough breads made using only natural ingredients, crafted by hand and proven over long time to gain a depth of flavour are made at The Better Health Bakery in Haggerston.

The bustling commercial artisan bakery in Stean Street is a social enterprise that brings the community together by providing trainee placements to adults recovering from mental ill health who might otherwise be distanced from the workforce. The 12-week placements give participants confidence, new skills and a way in to the labour market.

Social enterprise manager Tabitha Wells said: “All our bread is made using traditional methods to produce a satisfying honest loaf. It is ‘Real Bread’, meaning we use only natural ingredients – the basic recipe is just organic flours, wild yeast, water and salt.

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